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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sassy Fox--where Roudy Rockstars, Crazy Cowgirls, and Sassy Shoppers all go!

Sassy Fox has pressed tin ceilings, a mosaic floor, and the owner likes Bohemian chandeliers, and fabric along with beads draped from the ceiling. Spot lights give the store a mysterious atmosphere, as opposed to glaring fluorescent lighting that murders color and mystique. It's sort of like walking into a night club.Owner of Sassy Fox, Barbara, is a busy lady, and is on the move, on the telephone or helping customers every second of the day. She also makes a great milkshake! Sassy has a soda fountain where bored husbands can enjoy their visit while wives and daughters shop.
Barbara said she and her family rescued the store, which had been condemned, and turned it into this showplace. They are obviously talented artists with great vision, because they put this mosaic floor in themselves. Here is Barbara, red hair, fancy earrings and manicured nails inlaid in the floor.

The entire floor downstairs is mosaic. Even the family cat has been included in the design.
The store lives up to it's name with the most sassy clothes, shoes, and jewelry you can imagine!
The posh dressing rooms are located on another level with a chaise and coffee table for adoring mothers to patiently wait for their daughters, or just take time out from trying on. No mothers waiting while I was prowling around. They were all trying on clothes themselves!
This is the dressing area, and I am telling you it is fancy! Pictures just cannot create the atmosphere that you will experience when you walk in the door. What a place! Come and visit 34 East Concho Avenue the next chance you get.