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Thursday, August 13, 2009

San Angelo, Texas

This is my last morning of leisure, and I wasted half of it in bed. My dad would never have slept this late, but here I am just listening for the beeper on the coffee pot at 8:28 am. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I drove to San Angelo for my last three workshops. On Wednesday I didn't take the loop, and instead drove through town just to see what was happening. Looks like this hand is ready to go to work!

We are required to get six or seven days of inservice in the summer so we can have the entire week of Thanksgiving out of school. Believe me--we are ready for a week when it gets here. It is a long haul from August 24 to Thanksgiving! And this year our first grand boy is supposed to arrive on November 21, so I am already looking forward to it! The Education Service Center is located near the Concho River, and all I had to do was get in the car, drive down Rio Concho Drive, and in two minutes I was in the San Angelo Historic District. FUN! You can see these sheep in various places, because San Angelo is sheep country.

I spent all my time on one block, because there is a lot to see, and not much time for looking.

Leddy Boots are still being made downtown San Angelo. The Leddy's moved their business from Brady to San Angelo in 1936, and by 1941 they opened a second business at the Ft. Worth Stock yards. Wish I had had the time to go in and visit.
I did take time for lunch one day in Sealy Flats Shana's Cafe and Bakery. They had the best chicken salad sandwich I have had in a long time.

Eggemyer's General Store is one of the most fantastic places I have been. It has showcases of jack knives, cookbooks of all kinds, kitchen wares, toy tractors--John Deere and IH, fudge and truffles, Spode China, jams, jelly's, and more. They did not allow picture taking, so you will just have to go there yourself.
This is an iteresting bookstore--no time to go in.
Miss Hattie's Cafe and Saloon. And....
the Sassy Fox, where I spent all lunch hour, tried on clothes and took pictures. The next day I spent lunch hour in J. Wilde's
This is the sidewalk display of J. Wilde's. I will do a blog on Sassy and Wilde's because they let me take pictures. Pictures just can't convey the atmosphere, but maybe you will get the idea. San Angelo is a very interesting small town (a little over 88,000), and has a culture all it's own. Wish everyone could visit there just once.


  1. Keep up the pics. It is very interesting. Miss you!

  2. All right...that's it! I'm thinking of coming to San Angelo instead of North Carolina. I ADORE that boot sign, and all those little shops are calling my name....

    Aren't you the Sassy Fox?

    Love you!