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Saturday, August 8, 2009

PePe` ......

...the tuxedo cat came out to meet me, and demand attention while I was on my morning walk. I haven't seen him all summer, and he is just so cute with his white gloves, and white shirt. He wouldn't leave me alone long enough to pose. You can tell he is in the mood for a good head scratchin' this morning!
Yesterday I got in a bidding war on e-bay. Don't ever do that! Cowboy Sweetheart introduced me to the neatest gadget--granted I am not much on gadgets, but this is the best, and I just had to have one. You know what a pain spaghetti straps are! Well, the Fasturn makes them fast, neat, perfect and best of all, painless, so I looked on e-bay. Sure enough there it was, and I lost the bid. Tight old me, I just wouldn't go high enough, but I didn't really care, because I knew I would get another shot at it. Not to fear! The next day or so there were FOUR on the auction block, so I patiently waited for the days to run out, and for the last minutes to countdown, then I started raising the bid. I conservatively posted each bid, going only as high as necessary, trying my best to get it as cheaply as possible only to find out I had been out bid. Then something in my brain kicked in--meanness, actually. I decided, "OK, if that's how you want to be, I'll just make you pay, and pay dearly for this little apparatus, and then I will drop out and leave you holding the bag." Well, "Hello!" I won the thing! It's probably a good thing, now I can get on with my life, and not be tied down to waiting, and hoping I don't forget to bid, except that I won't have the fun of bidding someone up on those other three Fasturns. I did learn a lesson--patience is a virtue that I need more of, and being mean doesn't pay!


  1. It must run in the family. Mary has been cut off from silent auctions.

  2. I always wondered if you might be a little competitive! I miss you!! You will get your money's worth out of the Fasturn.