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Friday, August 14, 2009

J. Wilde's--a walk on the wild side!

J. Wilde's Boutique specializes in the unusual. She has the latest fashions in clothing, shoes, and purses. If you are looking for something unusual go here. Along side the fashion items you will find retro bags, decorator fabrics, furniture and accessories for your home from the 50s, 60s, and 70s.
Just one example of the newest bag, and any of you Texas ladies that were into fashion during the 60s will remember the Collins bags. Wilde has a collection of them!The latest in the peasant tops are here in full color.
Winter clothes are also on display.
Boots of all kinds are ready to walk out the door!
I didn't see many heels that were lower than 3 inches unless they were flats.All the shoes are unusual.
Retro lighting, anyone?
I just had to have a picture of this cute orange lamp. It reminds me of Saturn with its ring. This is called a Bohemian chandelier, and it seems to be a favorite of Wilde's and Sassy Fox.
One section of the store was devoted to Mexican things, and this is a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe (also on the lamp shade). Here is a purple Christmas tree all lit up in the Mexican section of the store.
There are lots of painted items to buy, and here is a mirror with leopard spots and jewelry chests all painted up.
Fabric covered chests!
More fabric covered chests, and animal print is still in!
It seems like everything is displayed in a most unusual way, with lots of fabrics draped on the walls and ceilings. The store is over 7000 square feet, and the fabric pulls things together.The colors are bright, flamboyant, and wild--not for the cautious minded person! If you need some unusual upholstery fabric, she has it (this is only a small sample).
If you need something, and can't seem to find it, call Joyce Wilde in San Angelo. She probably has it at 325.655.0878. I have got to get going. We are having a rummage sale at church, and there is one more day of it. What torture, and to think it was my idea!


  1. I LOVE IT!!! (I hope you bought Grandma something outrageous...leopard print stretch pants with a hot pink belt, or something like that.)

    I wish we had cool stores like that, here in Montana....although, there are probably some in Missoula that would be similar, I've just never been there.

    Love the shoes, love the fashion, love the Bohemian gear...

  2. This building was there when Aunt Gretchen was a student at the Old Concho School 1905-15. She had to dodge the drunks in the saloons as she walked across town.
    My friend made multi-colored blouses for this store awhile back.

  3. Cactus Lili has a lot more she could tell about San Angelo since her family lived there when there was a Fort still in use. And Farmers Wife, I don't think anyone but you in Eastern Montana would go for the stuff in J. Wilde's, not yet, at least. You will have to break them in easy!

  4. Take me next time you go shopping!!