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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hable Espanol?

Here I am back in Odessa! This is one West Texas village that is bi-lingual. I starved all morning so I could get blood drawn for cholesterol, and when I walked out of the lab this is what I saw just across the street, so naturally I went over and ordered a plate of enchiladas--not good. If you get a chance to go here, order the fajitas, fajita burrito, or probably any other burrito, because that is their specialty!
This was my next stop to get a "mamografia" (high-light of the year, as all you ladies know)! Last of all was the sleep doctor, who is Indian, and did not have anything written in Espanol for me. After an afternoon of all this, I went to my son and daughter-in-law's for supper. I wonder why I haven't lost any weight? School is in full swing, feet aren't hurting, and the week is nearly over. Saturday I go to help Marina make bumper pads for the baby bed. Two more months, and grandson will be here! I will be sure and take pictures on Saturday. More later.

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