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Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Count Down for School is On!

Good Morning! I am out as early as possible to walk off a little blubber. I haven't been on the scales since I got back from Montana, just can't face the truth right now. After the walk I pulled grass burrs in the back yard so I can mow. T. Tom (cat) competed with noxious plants for attention, by flopping down in front of me every few steps. Have you ever noticed how cats love to have a person work in the yard? In just a little bit it will be time to go read to one of the students who is home bound, and then I am going to use the big tables in the home ec. room to cut out the back to that quilt. Yesterday was a bust, because I spent most of the time talking to teachers who were also supposed to be getting things shaped up for the new year. That's the fun part of getting ready!
I am thankful that the full moon will be over by the first day of school! I think the kids are wilder, talk more, and don't focus as well during this phase of the moon! Some say, "It ain't so," but I know differently.


  1. What's there to do? You just open the doors and the kids show up.

  2. If you could see my room you would know "what's there to do." Then there is what do with the herd of scholars after they come blowing through the door. I haven't even started on that, but I just found out what I am teaching, so I will get there by Monday, August 24! The very idea--"what's there to do?"

  3. Work work work. Rosie you must slow down.
    Those kids will be there when you get there. They always are.
    You am photos are outstanding. You could be in Montana, Iraq or Texas. We'd never know the differenc. Good job.cactus

  4. When R.W. is complaining about all the junk to pack for a baby, you can say, "What's to pack? Put him in the car and go!"

    It goes around, it comes around.....

  5. Good idea! I will remember this line.