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Thursday, July 9, 2009

What do you hate the most about coming home after being gone for several days?

For some it is the washing, and others it is the yard that has grown a foot, or if hubby was at home while you were gone...there may be a lot of dirty dishes. For me it is this thing! It's an old scale that I bought in an antique store in Winnett, Montana. It's definitely not a digital model, and I'm not sure it weighs accurately, but it does weigh consistently. My eyes have not seen a set of scales in three weeks, and I dread getting the verdict. I haven't got on them yet (going to let my body get used to the new climate). I will let you know in a few days exactly how good my trip to Illinois really was!
We have had rain here in the Permian Basin, and there was actually green grass in some of the pastures. When I left the only thing green was the cactus and mesquites. The cactus on top of my porch looked like it had grown, and the stray female cat that my neighbor and I have adopted is about ready to have kittens. Anyone one want a kitten? I think it was about 103 when I got home Wednesday afternoon. It is definitely summer in West Texas.


  1. I rarely have the opportunity to be gone for several days in a row, then return! BUT for me, the worst thing is the unpacking of the bags and the laundry.

    I hate unpacking! Like my Mom says, "Someday, when I win the lottery..." I'll have someone to do these three things:
    1. Hustle around and make coffee so it's ready for me, at 5:30 AM. No breakfast, no paper, just coffee.
    2. Clean my bathrooms.
    3. Unpack my bags when I get back from France, the Virgin Islands, New Zealand, Billings, wherever...I'll even send them on ahead, so when I get home, it's done, and we can settle in and get back to business as usual.

    I love your scale! And the cactus on the porch. It looks like some sort of alien. Angus would say, "S-C-EE-R-Y plant!".

  2. If that cactus ever falls off the roof it will be sceery, because the spines are pretty long! I think I would like someone to clean my house, but that means I would have to get it organized, and to get it organized I would have to get rid of a bunch of stuff. I am a pack rat, and only get rid of stuff after I move, and am so disgusted it doesn't bother me. See you soon. P.S. your birthday is coming up--what size shirt do you wear?