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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Spare Me.....Please

I have been trying my best to wade through Waiting for Nick so I can get to the next section called Considering Kate, all by Nora Roberts, Alas, I just can't do it. I feel that I must surely be a backward bumpkin, because Miss Nora is a prolific writer, and she has a horde of enthusiastic followers who snap up every book that comes out, and who are standing on one foot and then the other waiting for the next sizzler. Forgive me, but I am quitting on page 84, and I am not normally a quitter, in fact perseverance is one of my gifts. These stories just don't feel real. I bought the book not knowing what Nora Roberts writes, so I am going to look for a good mystery that doesn't use four letter words, and is still a thriller (that will be a challenge). If I want romance, I will just log on a read one more episode of Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. Have a blessed Sunday.


  1. Bless your heart, I can't read her either. In fact, the Farmer calls me a book snob, because a lot of modern fiction, to me, is just gratuitous junk and contrived plots. And the only thing worse than spending good money for bad coffee, is spending good time reading a bad book.

    Traci G. has given me a couple of Robert Whitlow books, and he's pretty good. Right now, I'm reading #3 in the Moosepath League books, by Van Reid. His books are out of print, sadly, because they are old fashioned, the characters are fleshed out and funny, the setting is a mixture of actual historical facts mixed with the imagination of the author. Book #1 is Cordelia Underwood. And there's a mystery involved.

    The very best mysterious book I've ever read, is Rebecca, by Daphne Du Maurier. Actually, most books by that author are thrilling. Oldies but incredible goodies.

  2. I read Rebecca years ago, and loved it. I am going to the second hand book store today in search of something interesting for the plane ride, and layovers, and will look for something by Van Reid. You never know--they have tons of books in there, and a lady to help. And P.S. we have to be snobs, because we have zero time to read, and it has to be, either required or interesting for me to sit long enough to do it.