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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Peace and Applique

This quilt shop is one of the best ever, and it is nearly camouflaged among the old buildings on the historic street in Rochester. It has a tiny sign that says "Quilt Shop" on the porch so you have to be looking for it. There are three rooms packed with every type of quilt fabric imaginable, about 6000 bolts, they say. I bought some really loud batik to make a blouse and skirt--not a quilt. If you are interested in looking at the fabrics, log in at

If you are interested in gaudy jewelry log in on

I wanted to put some vintage patterns on here, but this computer is taking forever, and then declaring that it lost its signal. It is wearing me out. More later.


  1. Loud batik....that's good stuff! And I'm heading on over to check out the gaudy jewelry. Looks like you've had so much fun, prowling around shops.

  2. It has been so much fun just doing nothing except run around, and then run home and cook supper.