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Friday, July 31, 2009

Odessa Trip

I went to Odessa last night for the second phase of my sleep study, met with the doctor this morning, and yes, I have sleep apnea, so now I have a CPAP machine. While I was waiting to see the doctor, I took some pictures of just, some of the neat signs in town. For some reason Odessa has quite a few 1950ish signs, and I just love them! This is St. Luke's Methodist Church on 42nd street. The pipes look like something straight out of the oil field, which is quite fitting.

This is the Sherwood Shopping Center sign on 42nd.
Scott Theater downtown.
Ector Theater, just down the street from the Scott Theater.
One of the little stores down town.
Lassa Optical Company, downtown.
A beat up, old motel over near the hospital.
Drugs and alcohol near the hospital.
Desert landscaping at a spa downtown.

I also went to a cute little restaurant near the hospital on Sam Houston Street called Yana. It is owned by a German woman who stays in Europe most of the time; she has a good manager running the place, and they claim to specialize in European cuisine. I had baked potato soup and creme brulee. Shopping in Wal Mart and the mall was very exasperating. I swear there were screaming, bawling kids in every nook and cranny in Odessa, worse than Midland. To top it all off, I got a bad shopping cart in Wal Mart. It would have been perfect if all I wanted to do was go in a circle, so here I was fighting it every step of the way, and trying to ignore all the noise. I am ready for a night of rest!


  1. The signs are awesome. They are from a bygone era.
    Yours! HA, HA, HA

  2. Enjoyed the 50's signs. It brings back old memories of the oil patch.

  3. Hey would you mind if I post a couple of these to a Facebook group about Odessa? I'll be happy to add a link to your blog, too!