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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Name your poison.

This one is especially for the Farmer who featured Tito, distilled in Sin City (Austin). Farmer, here is some genuine Kentucky 'shine. Tommy, one of the electricians on this compressor station job here, is from Kentucky, and has a friend, a third generation moonshiner, who produced this stuff. Tommy says there are three kinds of 'shine. One will cause you to walk up and slap Muhammad Ali; one is crying whiskey, and the other will make you sing. I will leave it to someone else to test this claim. Maybe I could take it to the Dutton Reunion for taste testing, and research purposes! That might be interesting, or how about setting up a lemonade stand on the south side of Billings? That might be better yet. Happy birthday America! Have a safe 4th of July.


  1. I'll take the slapping kind for the reunion. I cant sing and nobody wants to see me cry.

  2. But who would he slap at our family reunion?

    (Are you going to spike Grandma's juice? This is one family reunion they'll be talking about for years....)

  3. It would be fun to spike her drink, then she would cut loose and really tell some stories kind of like she did when CB made her a slushy drink with a double in it.

  4. Hi Rosie O'Grady! Thanks for visiting my blog. Wish you all the best.