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Thursday, July 2, 2009

I HATE to throw good money after....

...bad coffee, and that is what happened when I went to Litchfield, Illinois today. They don't have many coffee shops around here, but this one had ESPRESSO on the outside, and that sounds like a place to buy a good cup of coffee. No dice. It was weak, and I would have rather had water. True coffee shops ought to have three strengths of coffee--strong, stronger, and strongest.

There wasn't much as far a shopping at Litchfield. Like West Texas, the jobs are going to the big cities and over seas. This used to be a big shoe factory. Thank goodness they are turning it into an apartment building; they are about 30 miles out of St. Louis, and there are people who live there and drive to St. Louis to work.

This was the prettiest building downtown, a flower shop that looked like it belonged in San Francisco.

There were some breathtaking houses at Litchfield. This is just one example.
Last of all--anyone interested in recycling their old jeans? This looks pretty shabby, but it really did look cute on. You can do it for less than the price tag of $90.


  1. Come to Montana...Kafe Utza, nectar of the gods. I'm with you, on the coffee. I've started getting a triple shot breve, short, and THAT'S a decent way to have java. One or two a month and you can get by with it.

    That's a really Bohemian looking skirt! Honestly, there have been so many BAD jean makeovers here in Montana, that I run from them.

  2. Well, I don't like Starbucks because it's too strong even for me. Believe it or not McDonalds usually has decent coffee, and it was only a block or two from this high priced stuff. You are so right Kafe Utza is the best. I can't decide if it's the coffee or the fantastic pastry that goes with it. Really, this skirt was pretty cool on the body. It was too big for me.