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Monday, July 6, 2009

He fought the law and the law won....

I have returned from the grocery store with ice. It is shaping up to be a hot day. The boy from Mississippi met up with me as I got out of the pickup and headed for the door. I asked what he was doing, and said that I thought he had a court appointment this morning. He told me he had already been to court. "Well, what happened?" "They said the minimum for running from the law was a year in county, and a $2500 fine, but they set another date in August. They appointed me a public 'offender' (his exact words) to help me out." "You mean you might have to go to jail for a year!" "Well, they didn't tell me I had to yet. They will tell me what is going to happen in August, and she is due just a few days after that." Yes, his girl friend is having their baby in August. "Dang! Oh well, things will get better. I promise." That kid didn't seem phased in the least about the prospects of sitting it out in the slammer for a year. He will probably be out shooting his paint ball gun again tonight. You know I think Mark Twain said something to the effect that teenagers ought to be put in a keg with the lid nailed shut, and they shouldn't get out until they are 25. I think he said it. If he didn't he should have! Sorry--no pictures. I guess I should have gone to the hearing and snapped a few. I am going to the bookstore.


  1. One of my favorite Johnny Cash/Waylon Jennings songs:
    "They're teaching us a lot of new things, here, Mama. We're learning a lesson a day! Things like:"
    "There ain't no good in an evil hearted woman,
    And I ain't cut out to be no Jesse James.
    You don't go writin' hot checks, down in Mississippi,
    And there ain't no good chain gangs...."

    Man. What a deal. Keep us posted; this is as good as the Phalen Chronicles.

  2. Well, maybe Bobby can fill in the blanks after I leave. I really would like to know how this all turns out, and don't you know that Gramps would have observed this situation just like he did the Phalen outfit?