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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Family Reunion

Uncle Bruce Dutton with his big, chocolate birthday cake.

The Dutton Family Reunion was held in Miles City, Montana this year. It was the best one I have been to, because we didn't have to slave over a hot stove and a sink full of cooking utensils, instead we were able to visit. I actually talked to some of my kin that I had never talked to before (we have a big family)! Uncle Bruce Dutton is one of the orginal seven Duttons, and will celebrate his 93rd birthday on August 1. He can still get on a horse, and his life long hobby was WORK--he loved to work. He is taking it easier these days, and that is good because he deserves a little time off. Happy birthday dear uncle!
If you click on this picture you will be able to see the ducks better. These are young, wild ducks that are getting some swim time in before the children of Miles City descend into the pool when it opens. There were even more ducks, but I didn't have a wide angle lense. Miles City has a pond with water from the Tongue River running through it for a public pool.Me with my mother, who will be 84 in December. Reunions are great, and very important for kids now days, because we are scattered to the four winds, and often don't have extended family around. Kids need family roots, so take time for family. As for me, I am already planning what to take to the silent auction in 2011!

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