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Monday, July 20, 2009

Big Sky Country

I am now in Garfield County, Montana, enjoying the beautiful green landscape. Usually the grass is turning by mid-July, but the rains have come just at the right time.
This is one of the hay meadows.
The weather was cooler, and cloudy. Pictures don't do the landscape justice, but maybe you can get the idea of how big the sky is!
Jordan is the county seat of Garfield County, and it is one of the most land locked towns in the lower 48--no buses, no trains. You either walk or drive in and out. Jordan is tiny, but it is self sufficient with two bars, a emergency center, rest home, a drug store, and a really good grocery store. There are also six churches and a really good bank.
Anyone interested in buying a bar? The Hell Creek is for sale.
And who can pass up a milk shake, soda, or sundae? The drugstore still has the original soda fountain in operation.
Here are the Jordan cribbage players, Basquo, Allen, and George. The card games are held in the old fire hall, where Basquo lives. He is a retired Basque sheepherder who came to the U.S. after WWII. I asked him why he moved to the U.S., and he said he was afraid France was going to go communist after the war. He still goes back to France every year to visit all of his family.
The real fire truck has been moved out to a new spot, and the 1924 model is still in the old fire hall with the card players.
This is me on the antique fire truck after I crashed the card party!

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    I love that you wrote about Basquo, and the firehall! (He always thinks I am you, which is one of the greatest compliments in the world.)

    Those pictures really make the country look good. It's so pretty, along the creek. And I don't think there's anyway to capture the sky. I've tried and just have to soak it up and carry it in your heart, I think.

    Love you!