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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What is the world coming to?

Hey, this is my first attempt at blogging, so excuse me if I ramble and blunder on.

I am not in West Texas at the moment, but am enjoying the green trees, green grass, little lakes and rain here in Kincaid, Illinois. My husband is here working on a construction project for Ranger Construction, and he has a small apartment in Kincaid. There are only a few apartments in this unit. The last time I was here most of the apartments were rented by men working on this job. All of them are gone now, and the new inhabitants make me wonder what the world is coming to.

There are two sisters living next door. One has a job in Springfield at a sporting goods store, and the other is pregnant with no job. Her boyfriend was working for Ranger, but got laid off. He has spent his bonus on a hot rod Camero he bought in Mississippi, a pickup, and who knows what else. He took all the wiring out of the car and is rewiring it, also sanding the floorboard so he can put a new bottom in it. Everything is torn out. The sister who works also has a boyfriend living with them who helps with the car.

I talked to the girls, they are happy as larks. They told me about the jobs they have had in Wal Mart, gas stations (that is how they met their boyfriends), and they are not the least bit nervous about their economic situation. This is normal for them. They told me about all their sisters, step siblings (that won't talk to them), nieces, nephews. They told me everything they could think of, and none of it included a thought about going to school to learn how to be a nurse, teacher, highway patrolmen or any sort of thing that would sharpen their skills or help them be a manager of a Wal Mart store.

And the girl is going to have a baby at the end of August!

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