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Thursday, June 18, 2009

What About My Name?

Rosie is not my real name, of course, not on my birth certificate at least. When I was a kid my dad called me Rosie; so did all my uncles, and neighbor men. The aunts and neighbor ladies called me by my real name.

My folks ranched, and every year the cattle buyers would come out to the place to look at the calves. This was long before the video camera had been invented, and the video sales came along, so the buyers would stop, have coffee and pie or eat dinner with us, and then my dad, and the buyer would get in the pickup to drive around through the cows so he could get a good look at the calves, and then make an offer. Some of the time I went with them just for something to do. One of the buyers (can't remember his name) always called me, "Rosie O'Grady." This name just sticks in my memory like those good times I remember of the ranch life when I was a kid.

I just told this so my friend, Cactus Lily, would understand why I sign off as Rosie O'Grady. See Lily, there is a reason for it!

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