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Friday, June 26, 2009

This is garage sale week in Kincaid.

Here is my garage sale buy for the day! It's Lady Ann by Rogers Silverplate. Nine of everything--dinner and salad/dessert forks, spoons, tablespoons and hollow handle knives in a nice chest all for $35! That is less than $1 apiece. This pattern is a promotional for Pillsbury Mills, and the thrifty lady sent in coupons from cake mixes along with money for each piece (Mom did the same thing during the 50s). It even has the "handy order blank in it--3 teaspoons for 6 coupons and $0.50; 3 hollow hand dinner knives for 9 coupons and $2.00, etc., etc.
I had walked around, gone through about five places, combed through about a million books (bought a Nora Roberts for the trip home), and was about to give up, but thought, "Oh well, I'll stop here, and look at what they have."

You know the old saying, "You have to sift through a lot of dirt to get to the gold, or in this case silver."

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  1. Garage sales are the BEST places to find treasures. I found an old cookbook, once, with the little old lady's notes in it, complete with her winning pickles for the Yellowstone County Fair!