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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Isn't he cute? The boy that lives a couple of doors down raised Snickers on an eye dropper, and now he is two months old, and looks big enough to leave the nest.

I am not sure he will make it on his own, though, because he doesn't know anything about gathering food, or other survival techniques.

Snickers is very friendly, and will climb all over you, and jump from one person to the next. He runs up the tree in the yard, and then back to his friend.

They had to get his teeth clipped at the vets, because they were growing out like a saber tooth tiger's teeth. Squirrels are like rats, and have to chew on something to keep their front teeth worn off.

Here is the kid that raised Snickers. He has a pretty good four letter word vocabulary, when he needs it, and I think he was also riding one of the four wheelers in the state park when the law came in with helicopters, and machine guns to ruin the fun. He can't be all bad, though. After all he gave me some popcorn that his brother (in the background) got at the movie theater where he works, and he did a good job with the squirrel. He also has beautiful petunias in the front and back of his apartment.

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