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Friday, June 19, 2009

More about the "children" next door.....

The youngsters next door are still working on the Camero. They got one blinker to work yesterday. Come to find out, the boy who bought the car, when he got his bonus check, also bought two four-wheelers (apparently his theory is--when you hit pay dirt you need to get the money in circulation as fast as possible), but the little machines have been confiscated by the law.

He and his buddy, who also lives next door, took the four wheelers out to a state park close by, and were running all over the place; the law got tipped off about their presence, and descended on the park to round the boys up. They even ended up getting a helicopter out because the boys ran. The one who owns all this machinery said he got scared to surrender because he was already on probation for breaking a door in the convenience store where his girlfriend worked, and was afraid he would end up in prison.

Not to fear--he is free to father children, and work on the Camero!

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  1. See? These kids know how to stimulate the economy! AND they will have tax credits for having children. Really, is there more to life than a Camero with one headlight and a job at Walmart with a discount on all the stuff?