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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hey, ladies can you believe...

....aprons are not only a decorator item now, they are a fashion thing. I saw this in a shop in Taylorville (about $30). They had this same thing in turquoise, lime, pink. Cute!

P.S. This little shop could have fit right in on main street Lamesa.


  1. Turquoise, you say? That would go with red heels, don't you think?

    This apron is the BOMB!!! What is it about aprons, I wonder, that we can't walk by? I really hope they make a comeback, and with style like that, they are bound to.

  2. Aprons have made the comeback. I see them everywhere, some nostalgic, and and others trendy, like this one. I will get a picture of the aprons I helped Marina get started making when I get back to Tejas.