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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Farewell to Kincaid, Illinois...

Tomorrow I will be flying back to Midland. So, I just want to tell you a few things about this little town that I have enjoyed for the past three weeks. Kincaid, Illinois is about 80 miles northeast of St. Louis, Missouri, and about 20 minutes south of Springfield. You could also call it Tri-City, because just across Highway 140 is Bullpit, population 250, and then across the tracks to the south is Jeiseyville--all of them run together, and the only way you know you are in one of these towns is by the signs.
Coal mining used to be a major industry here, but they shut the mines down in the 90s. This was high sulfer coal. Agriculture has always been a big business here--corn and soybeans.

Like just about every little town that I have seen in Illinois, Kincaid has it's own water tower, and the tap water is soft enough to cook beans.

They have their own school, complete with football field, even though Taylorville, a town of 11,000+ is only 6 miles down the road.

Fishing is one of the popular sports here, because there are are several lakes right here with lots of cat fish in them, so if you can't find a singing bass to hang on the wall, get a mail box!

Early morning sunrises come through the thick mist.

Trees grow tall and thick and lap over each other in the middle of the road in some places, and everywhere you look it is green.

Underbrush along the creeks is so thick you can't see through it. There are beautiful homes, some prettier than others.

Yards are green and mincured, and beautiful flowers grow effortlessly.

Lilies are everywhere. Day lilies grow along the side of the road like wildflowers.

Wild daisies grow about three feet tall.

They even have yucca that can stand the wet weather. You can see the leaves fall over and are not spiny like the ones we have in the desert.

There is so much moisture that seeds germinate and grow in the pickup beds.Corn fields grow right up to the edge of the little city.

And believe it or not there is only one dump in this fair city. Good bye Kincaid. I will miss you, and I pray that you prosper.


  1. hahahahaha that last part cracks me up.

    shoulda got a picture of the school xD

  2. Rosie,

    I'd like to inquire about using your photo of the bungalow with swags on its porch in a book on planned communities I'm working on. Please kindly contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Not sure if blogger gives you my contact info, but I can be reached at

    s [dot] acheson [at] ramsa [dot] com

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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