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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Country Mouse in the capital city!

First of all let me tell you that I do not enjoy driving in towns in general, and especially ones that I don't know. However, I decided to be brave, and go to Springfield yesterday. It seemed like an easy going place the other day when I was at the mall, and I am going to give you proof that it lived up to my expectations and more.

First of all the coordination of the lights in that town is amazing! I was nearly to the capital before I hit a stop light. Stop lights are where I get my bearings, but I resent hitting one red light after another. I had time to catch my breath, look at the signs, and decide what to do. I decided to turn left as soon as possible.

Sure enough I was on Capitol Avenue heading straight for the capitol building. Everything is good. I turn left, thinking I am going to circle the land mark, but wouldn't you know it, I am on some little side street heading straight for something underground, and from where I was it didn't look big enough to drive a pickup into. I stopped. I didn't care that there was a sign beside me that said, "No parking at any time." I wasn't going any closer to that bunker, hole, or whatever it was. A car came up behind me. I waved him around me, and he zoomed on down into the pit. By that time I was feeling pretty desperate--no way to make a U turn, pickup too long, and no help in sight. If I had been more adventuresome I would have gone down under, but instead, I did the only thing I could think of.

I backed up about 20 feet, turned the wheel so I backed neatly into the middle of intersection heading West, and took off! Yep, it was a success. No one saw me because no one was on the street. There were no sirens or troopers writing out tickets. I just praised the Lord that I was not in Austin. Mercy! In Austin the law would have been all over me like a chicken on a June bug. Well, if it had been Austin I would have had to go in the underground thing even if it took the top off that red pickup.

After that trial I found the visitor center, and parked the pickup. I spent a lot of time walking around looking at all the beautiful buildings, and walked to Cafe Moxo for a BLT with peanut butter. Not bad, either. Try it sometime.

Moral of this story--country mice need to stay in the country!


  1. You could have made it down into the bunker, I bet. Either you're successful or you have a nice red convertible!

  2. You little rebel!! Big ole illegal U-turn in the capital city! (Where'd you learn to drive, Jordan?)

    I love peanut butter and pork. I think that's why I can't get enough Thai food. When I was little, I made a peanut butter and ham was wonderful. I'm not sure about the tomatos with it, but with the right bread, MMMM!