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Monday, June 27, 2016


Fixing, doing, and updating a 50 year old house is taking a long time.  I moved in here in 2010, and then Bobby and I went to Pennsylvania for a couple of years, then to Abilene to work.  So doing curtains and everything else has taken a long time.  

Today I crossed the last thing off my to-do list--cornice boards.  My mother-in-law put up hand made drapes about 30+ years ago.  She had some drapery outfit out of Snyder do them and there is no way anyone could afford to replace them today.  It was amazing how much hand stitching went into each drape.  After all this time and the many sandstorms,  they were rotten and dirty, so I took all of them down and slowly but surely made curtains (something that is washable).  She had cloth covered cornice boards in one bedroom to match the drapes, so I tore all the fabric and padding off, and sanded the glue off.  Finally I am done painting them. 

Some day I may re-do them, but for right now they are as done as they will ever be.  I love color.

Monday, June 6, 2016


I got to go home to Montana in May, and had the best time, even though it snowed and the power was off for three days.  Here are just a few shots of all the friends I got to hang with when I was there.

This is Zeus.   He is half German Shepherd (look at those ears) and half border collie.  He is very smart and very attached to his owner.  She said his mother died when he was a tiny baby and she raised him on a bottle, so no wonder he waits for her by the door.
This is Penny, Zeus' best friend.  They run and chase each other, making me envious that I can't run like the wind.  Penny is very spoiled (in a good way).  She gets in the house, gets in Cowboy's chair, and doesn't even get in trouble.  She thinks my role in her life is to give her massages in the evening, and if I sit down on the couch, she piles in the middle of me ready for a deep tissue work over.
This is the dear one!  Amy is old, and doesn't really get to go with the cowboys anymore, but she spends her time puttering around the yards, and sleeping whenever she needs to.

I was in the Women's Run at Billings with Cowboy's Sweetheart, Farmer's Wife, and daughter Maggie, and my cousin Connie.  Here, we are standing on a street corner waiting to get together with the rest of the gang, and this lady walks up and says, "I bet you don't remember me."  Gosh, I hate to admit that I don't remember people, but out of a crowd of 7000 women, I wasn't expecting to see anyone I knew, so I had to say, "Give me a hint!"  Deanna is the sister to my dorm roommate when I was in high school.  Here is Deanna and my cousin Connie.

Me, Cowboy's Sweetheart, and Connie.  We walked the two mile and finished in the middle of the throng of bodies.
Here is a cutie who was part of the 7000+ bodies to participate in the event.
The snow storm that killed the electricity for three days.  This doesn't look too bad, but further west they got a foot of snow and the wind was gusting up to 60 MPH.  This tore down poles.

Cowboy and Chantal heading into that wet blizzard to check the heifers.  Calving heifers is tough enough without these conditions.  The wind was fierce.

This is Cowboy, keeping late hours.  He just finished putting a prolapsed heifer back together in the dark.  Anyone who thinks that beef is too high needs to take a few days helping Cowboy. 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

NEW SHOES! Horse shoes, that is.

Time flies when you retire!  When I was home in September 2015,  I went with Cowboy to take horses for new shoes, and here I am just now getting a blog together.  Here are the "men", as Cowboy calls them, waiting for their turn.

 Cowboy and Gene talking about everything, not just horse shoes.

 I am telling you!  That is a nice looking butt!  I am talking about the sorrel horse.
 Yes, you!  You are next to get new shoes.
 Gene Messer shoes horses at his place outside of Roundup, Montana.
 He used to come to the ranch, but people would hear that he was in a certain location and start hauling horses in for him to do.  Soon he was overloaded.

 Now, you make an appointment to get horses shod.
 Penny was along for the trip, and here she is enjoying the "good stuff" that Gene cleaned out of the hooves.  Dogs really love the trimmings, especially trimmings from the frog.
 Penny is ready to roll it up and go home, but we left the horses and went to Billings for a few errands.  When we came back "the men" were shod and ready to head home.
This was a fun trip.  Thanks Cowboy!

Saturday, December 26, 2015


I went home in September and stayed a month.  There is really nothing like Montana.  I love Eastern Montana--this is where I grew up and it will always be home.  The population is sparse, spaces seem to go on forever.  The towns are few and far between, and the people are the best.
  Meanwhile, out at the ranch the cat is taking a nap, and the snap of the camera caused a brief interruption in his snooze.

I love to go for long walks, and look at the grass, animals, snakes or whatever is out there.  Amy likes to go along for short walks, even though she is getting up in years and her little bones hurt. I don't know how many more winters she will make.

Here comes Cash!  Looking for a handout.  He and all the other horses love cotton seed cake.
 I was empty handed this time.  Next time I will remember to stick a goody or two in my pocket.
Cash is waiting expectantly, and I feel so bad about letting him down.

I love to feel horses noses, especially right behind their nostrils.  The texture reminds me of that washed silk fabric that was so popular back in the 90s, or was it the 80s?

Cash and Amy are friends.  She is so good with other animals, and she likes baby animals.

Amy, the sweetheart.
This old relic was supposed to become a hay stacker or something, but Dad didn't get that project done.
The horse shoe bend in the Big Dry where I spent a lot of time wading in the water.
The water is pretty murky this year because of the drouth, and sure wouldn't be good for wading.
This old tree is so bent and gnarled now, that you would never guess it was a favorite climbing tree about fifty years ago.
These cotton woods are out in the buck pasture.
Cowboy and I roamed all over this little pasture.  We had to amuse ourselves because there was no TV, cell phones, or telephones for quite a while.  We certainly did not have an obesity problem, and I am so thankful to have grown up out here in the open spaces.  There was a spot out here in this little buck pasture where a homesteader had their house and I still have some treasures they left behind.
I remember running down through this crossing toward the corrals, and telling my brother that I thought I could hear a mountain lion (just to scare him).  It wasn't long before I was just as scared as he was, and I could swear I could feel the lion's hot breath on my neck.

Here they come.  They are also looking for a handout, and I really don't have anything for them and the young pup who is with me  is trying to bite their heels.  I will just get her and head for the house.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


On October 17, 2015, I made a trip to Lamesa, Texas for the Love Conference at the Methodist Church.  My dear friend, Jackie Hahn and her Grace Ladies put it together.  If you didn't get to attend--I am sorry.  Plan to go next year and be blessed!

Ann Devnam, Sarah Dotson, and Norma Thomas
Pam Vogler and Joy Barkowsky.  Pam graduated Lamesa High with Jackie.
Dorothy  Evans
Janelise Bowman greeted everyone and got names for door prizes.
Sound crew was Mike Hughes and Stacy Leonard.
Ann Devnam, Maria Aguirre, and Gloria Garcia
Gloria and Jackie Hahn
Maria, Jackie, and Gloria worked hard to make this program a success.
There were lots of goodies to go with the pulled pork, slaw, and the trimmings.
God can take the broken, shameful pieces of our life and put them together like a stained glass window to let His love shine through to the world.
Norma and Sarah
Everything was pink, and I hear that next year, yellow will be the color for the conference.
Angie Owen and Bertha Fretwell
Mary Lou Peterson and Betty Swearingen
Lamesa ladies dress to the nines, their nails are beautifully manicured and their hair is always done.
Just some of the attendees.
Norma, Ann and Maria

This is a great photo of Norma!

Roxie Seymour
The praise music was wonderful.  Shelley Barron and Amanda Jones were first.
Michelle Martens and Esther Miller

Jackie Hahn
Daphne Delay was our incredible speaker.  She has published Facing the Mirror, Finding a Self to Live With.
Daphne told us about her life and how God mended it.
Then she blessed each lady individually.

Daphne and Jackie

Thanks to the Grace Women for an inspirational and blessed day.  Plan to come next year everyone.
Good food and fun fellowship.
The meal was the last thing on the agenda, and right after the drawings for door prizes.  There were many prizes, and every lady went home with a registration gift and most got a door prize.  Thanks for such a wonderful day.