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Thursday, June 28, 2018


Cakes special made by Toni Murnion.  I liked the white cake the best, but the chocolate was delicious.
Happy birthday!
Aunt Mary and baby Ellie, who is all of two months old and enjoying the party.  She didn't fuss one time, but then, why would she?  She had all kinds of loving and was the center of the attention.

Dallas Currey and Mary Pluhar.  Dallas  is one of the neighbors that Cowboy trades work with.  That means they help each other brand and do cow work. Dallas has a branding that is kid friendly and Mary's daughter was there to help.
Aunt Meghan and Ellie.

The kids enjoyed the dance better than the old folks, and little William was the star!
When the music starts, it is hard to keep from dancing.
He is just getting warmed up.
Dallas, Cari, Ellie and Michael.
Dallas always has something funny to say!
Khyrsten and Mary.
Khyrsten and Ryan Blunt.
Cowboy and Mr. Bill Wright.  He thought it was a party for our uncle Bruce, who will soon have a party to celebrate 102 years of living in Montana. See you there Bill.
Khyrsten and Grandmother.
Khyrsten and Javon. Javon didn't want her to leave.
Sisters--Khyrsten and Liv.
Ryan helping William get his boots on with no socks.
Proud Papa and Ellie.
Barry, Jolene and Wayland.
Kids and technology go hand in hand.
Angus and Kam with Liv.
Dallas and Jennifer.
Dallas and Karen.
Jennifer and Sandy.
Cowboy and Joe--good friends.
Boedy has a blue mustache.
Jolene and Grandma Dutton.
Robert and Matt Bliss with Wayland.
Javon and William.
Colin Murnion and Karen.
Sandy, Travis and two boys from Texas, who work at the Brown Ranch.
I don't remember the names but one is from Midland and the other is from Boerne Texas.
Rene and Jim Gibson.
Travis and Boedy.
Travis and Dr. Mary Brown.
Mary, Sandy and Teddy.
Teddy Robertson and Mike Landers.
Jennifer and Jeana Bliss.
Joe Murnion and Grandma.
Candy and Karen.
Linda and Kenny Rich.
DeWayne and Candy Murnion.
Sandy and Jolene.
Cowboy and Karen.
Little William and Maggie.
They do love to dance.
Love birds--Joe and Bev Murnion.
Candy, DeWayne and Karen.
Emanuel Troyer and Fannie Swartzentruber from Wisconsin are working for the Lige and Mary Ann.
Joe Murnion and Mary Ann Murray.
Luann Pluhar.
Javon and Angus cutting a rug.
Maggie and and Garrett Bliss.
The dancing went on until midnight.
Jane Engdahl and Karen.
Tristin and Meghan
Chantal Penner.
Sandy and Luann.
Dallas and DeWayne--DeWayne is pleading his case.
Mike, Kenny, Colin, and Ernie Fogle at the end of the bar.
Robert Bliss, Wayland Pluhar and Chuck Pluhar.

Mary and Boedy.
Autumn and Layne Murnion and Walt Phipps.
Barry talking to Joe and Ernie.
Garrett and Maggie.  It was really nice to see the young kids get out and dance because in a few years they will be too sophisticated to try to dance if they don't already know how.
Liv and Javon.
Lige Murray and Joe Murnion.
Brother and sister--Angus and Maggie.
Robert and Matt Bliss and Travis Brown.
Ellie's first dance!
Mary, Fannie and Mannie.
Mary Ann and Wayland Pluhar.
Cari and Cowboy.
Meghan and Ellie.
Tristin and Grammy.
Jentry and Kamryn.
Kamryn and Sydney.
Emma Weder, Chuck Pluhar, Dallas Currey and DeWayne Murnion.
All William wanted to do was dance, and mainly dance with Liv.  Cowboy saw William putting up a fuss, and he asked Jolene what the problem was.  "All he wants to do is dance with Liv, and she may actually want to dance with someone else."

William is down and he doesn't even care.
Joe and Cowboy.
Heather Baker and Billy Baker.
Wayland and Lige.
Sandy and Joe Gibson.

Graham Weder, Robert Bliss and Emma Weder.
Jane Engdahl and Grandma.
Barry and Lige.
It's just about time to go home but William wants to stay a little longer.
Layne Murnion and Cowboy.
Mary and Grandma.
Layne Murnion, Cowboy and Walt Phipps.
Lisa and Rick Potts.
Dallas telling Grandma good night.
Rosie, Kamryn, Liv, Sydney. I tried to get these girls to go ask the Texas boys to dance, but they wouldn't.
Wayland and Mary.
Kamryn, Liv, Sydney and Meghan.
Jennifer and Cowboy.
Tristin and Chantal.
Meghan and Joe Gibson.
Candy Murnion and Amanda Lammers. 
Sisters--Sydney and Tristin.
Grammy and Liv.
Cowboy, Shawn and Sue Fitzgerald.
Wyatt Phipps.
Candy Murnion dancing with Cowboy.
Jason and Wyatt Phipps.
DeWayne and Candy Murnion having a good time with Cowboy.
Veronica  Grigaltchik with Sue Fitzgerald.
Laura, Andy and their daughter, Nicole,  played good music.
Andy Wilson.
Laura and Nicole.
Mary Ann and Lige Murray.
Glenn Beecher and daughter, Mitzi.
Sydney dancing with Billy Baker.
Liv and Angus.
Candy and DeWayne Murnion.
Rosie.  Glenn Beecher came over, got my camera and took this picture.
Rosie and Kenny Rich.
Cowboy and Karen.
Kacy Phipps and Garrett Bliss.
Liv, not wanting her picture taken.
Erwin Weder.
Bartenders Tom Fogle and Rhonda Losinski.  Tom owns the Ranchers Bar so he took care of the bar at the VFW tonight since he has the license.  He was lugging in a big load of beer on a dolly, and Rhonda told him she was going to fire him.  He said, "This would be a damned good time to do it."
Jason, Sam, and Coleen Phipps.